Snow Closes Parkway Sections

Snow Closes Parkway Sections and Skyline Drive

Recent snow closes parkway in sections and all of Skyline Drive. Due to this past weekend’s cold temperatures and snowfall most areas of the Blue Ridge Parkway had to be closed. This also applies to Skyline Drive in Virginia in ┬áthe Shenandoah National Park. Several inches of snow in the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia made driving hazardous so park officials decided to close many sections. All of Skyline Drive in Virginia is currently closed. Most of the parkway in North Carolina is closed due to the snow and dangerous road conditions.

snow closes parkway sections

Snow Closes Parkway Jan 2017

Here is a link to the real-time closure road map from the park service. This is a real-time map of current road closures and conditions. It is a nice tool to use especially during the winter months if you plan to travel the Blue Ridge Parkway. It does not take a lot of snow, sleet or ice to cause problems for drivers on the parkway. Hikers are welcome to take in the beautiful scenery and views but caution is advised. The roads are very slippery so take care to stay safe. Temperatures at night will remain near freezing for several more days. More snow or some type of winter precipitation is possible again by the end of the week in Western NC and areas north. Plan accordingly.


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