Weather and Seasons

Blue Ridge Parkway Weather and Seasons

The Blue Ridge Parkway has beautiful views regardless of the weather and seasons. Spring, summer, fall or winter each season has its own seasonal scenes to enjoy. In the spring the fresh new green of the just budding trees and blooming shrubs and flowers. In summer the cool greenery of all the trees, all the colorful show of wildflowers; in autumn the changing of the leaves provide an especially colorful show; and in winter the barren trees with the occasional white blanket of fresh snow.

Blue Ridge Parkway Temperatures

In the spring the average temperature along the Blue Ridge Parkway range from 33 degrees to 67 degrees. Temperatures can vary greatly depending on the elevation. Lowe elevations will generally be warmer and the higher elevations can be cooler or quite cold. Also at the higher elevations it can be quite windy. In summer average temperatures are 53 degrees – 85 degrees. Fall temperatures can range from 39 degrees – 68 degrees. In the winter temperature ranges are generally 23 degrees – 49 degrees. These are normal temperature ranges. Winter in the Virginia and North Carolina mountains can and often do fall below freezing.

Blue Ridge Parkway Weather Changes Fast

The average amount of rainfall in the Virginia and North Carolina mountains is about 2-3.5 inches  each month. The weather can change quite suddenly, from sun to clouds and rain, from warm to cool and windy, or from clear to foggy. Be prepared for all types of weather. Know the forecast before you head out.

Seasons and Wildlife Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

In the spring along the Blue Ridge Parkway there is a lot of blooming flowers and shrubs to enjoy such as Pinter Flower, Fire Pink, Goats Beard and Large-Flowered Trillium.

Summer brings even more with Catawba Rhododendron, Rosebay Rhododendron, azaleas, hydrangea, Mountain Laurel, bluerts, Turks-Cap Lilly, and Bee Balm.

In the fall Goldenrod and Phlox are still in bloom. Then there is the magical fall foliage show that takes place starting in late September or early October and last till late October or early November depending on the elevation.
Winter along the Blue Ridge Parkway bring barren trees, still beautiful evergreen trees, frost covered landscapes, and snowfall. Areas of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the winter months can be closed due to winter weather and hazardous driving conditions.

Weather Conditions-Be Prepared

A new weather service is available to help visitors that travel the Blue Ridge Parkway in the winter season. The weather site monitors the weather on the 469-mile Parkway from Waynesboro, Virginia to Cherokee, NC. Along with a live weather report the site will have a 7 day forecast and reports of weather conditions that cause closing of the parkway for winter related weather conditions. Check out and for up to date weather conditions for the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Weather and seasons add a unique character to each and every trip you make to enjoy the Blue Ridge Parkway, but no matter which of the four seasons it is a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway is always an enjoyable drive to behold the beautiful mountain views, peaceful valleys and wonderful wildlife. Just remember that Blue Ridge Parkway Weather can change fast so be prepared.

Blue Ridge Parkway Weather

Blue Ridge Parkway Weather